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Young people lack workplace skills such as communication and team working, a study among employers suggests.
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Celebrities who had intimate pictures of themselves leaked onto the internet were 'dumb' for taking them, the EU's new digital commissioner says.
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Argentina's central bank governor Juan Carlos Fabrega resigns after less than a year in the job, as the country's economic troubles pile up.
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Click learns how to bend beacon technology to its bidding by turning a London Street into a musical wonderland.
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France's Big Three carmakers no longer in reverse.
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How data crunching is dictating our job prospects
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Will our cities ever be congestion-free?
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A sneak preview of Volvo's new XC90 - the car set to take centre stage at the Paris Motor Show.
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Wall Street Market Report
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The North Korean defectors setting up firms in the South
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The UK's candidate to join the European Commission, Lord Hill, is summoned to a second hearing of MEPs to assess his suitability for the job.
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The EU Commissioner-designate for financial services, Britain's Lord Hill, tells MEPs he will act for the whole EU, not for the City of London.
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