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Profit warnings by UK-listed firms rise to the their highest summer level for six years, according to forecaster EY.
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A record five million UK workers are now in low-paid jobs, a rise of 250,000 in the last year, research from a left-of-centre think tank suggests.
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Many financial providers are failing to properly explain the protection shoppers have when something goes wrong with a credit card purchase, consumer group Which? suggests.
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BBC News speaks to the creators of Smarpshare, who want employees to become brand ambassadors for their firms.
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Better protection is needed for consumers buying used cars, says a commission studying the high level of complaints against the sector.
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Elections highlight huge economic disparities
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How to keep the tax man at bay when you pass it on
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Shareholders in US banana distributor Chiquita vote against a merger deal with Irish rival Fyffes in favour of a higher offer.
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Ukraine and Russia find 'consensus' on a deal to end their gas dispute, according to the boss of Ukraine's state gas firm.
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After pulling out of the US, taxi app Hailo complains that rival Uber is blocking potential investors from offering funding.
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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founders of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house, are cleared by an Italian court of tax evasion.
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London's leading shares dip lower in Friday morning trading, led downwards by publisher Pearson.
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